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    LearnSpanishTheNovelWay is the newest and most enjoyable way to learn beginning Spanish.   

Learn Spanish by reading a novel!  Just sit back and relax!  There are no exercises to complete or verb tables to memorize in ‘Joey Goes to Mexico’.  Just read and enjoy this book like any other novel. 


              The idea for this learning method came to me thirty years ago while serving in the Air Force stationed in Italy.   One day, near the end of my two year assignment, I visited the home of a new staff sergeant.  While we were speaking a young boy ran past us yelling to his friends in Italian.  I asked “Who is that boy?”  The sergeant replied that he was his son.  I asked, “You have only been in Italy for two weeks.  When did your son learn to speak Italian?”  The sergeant replied, “The day we arrived he went outside and made friends with some Italian boys.  He was speaking Italian with them within days.”

               I was floored!  I had been studying Italian every day for two years and could only just barely say a few basic sentences, even though I had purchased every Italian study guide in the book store and completed every boring exercise.  Hours and hours of work and studying, and I had nothing to show for it.   But this child sounds as if he were born Italian!  How is this possible?

              Did his little Italian friends carry around a book on Italian and quiz him all day?  Did they ask him to define the preterit tense, the imperfect tense, and the subjective mood?  Did they ask him to list the possessive pronouns, demonstrative adjectives, and prepositions?  No, probably not.  But that is what I had been doing for two years.


               When you were a child sitting in a high chair watching your mother prepare dinner and Daddy came home you probably said, “Daddy home!”  Eventually your mother corrected your grammar.   Did your mother say to you, “Joey, ‘Daddy’ is the subject pronoun and ‘home’ is the object.  You forgot the preposition.  Restate your sentence, but this time insert the proper preposition into your sentence.”

                 I don’t think so!  Your mother probably just leaned close to you and smiled and said, “Daddy IS home.” 


                ‘Joey Goes to Mexico’ is the story of a ten year old boy who lives in Los Angeles.  Neither Joey nor his father speaks Spanish.  His mother was born and raised in Mexico on a ranch.  She convinces the family to visit Mexico for the summer.   Once in Mexico she opens the back door and tells Joey to go outside and play with his cousins.  If this were a true story, do you believe Joey will be able speak Spanish by the end of the summer?  

                Of course he will!  How?  Will his cousins lecture him on pronouns and ask Joey to recite the different tenses of the Spanish verbs?  Of course not!  He will learn one new Spanish word at a time.  During the story I highlight in bold new Spanish words that Joey is hearing for the first time.    


                Currently available Spanish Language Courses follow the same format.  Spanish language textbooks introduce a new topic, for example present tense verbs or pronouns, followed by several exercises.   Audio courses contains several hundred sentences that you are instructed to repeat.  This is boring and doesn’t work for most people.

                 This novel is the story of Joey learning to speak Spanish.  This book is read just like any other novel.  It’s fun!  There are 84 chapters, one for each day of the summer.  Joey goes fishing, horseback riding, swimming, camping and many other interesting activities.  Along the way, he learns Spanish, naturally, almost without trying.  In the beginning of June, Joey has no idea what people are saying, and must ask many questions.  By the end of August, he is conversing naturally in Spanish.

                 Have you wanted to learn Spanish in the past, but it was just too much work, or gave up because studying was so boring?   Try reading ‘Learn Spanish The Novel Way’.  You won’t believe that you are learning Spanish it’s so fun and easy.  





Please read the Sample chapters.

(Note that new Spanish vocabulary is introduced incrementally, building on what Joey learned in prior chapters).


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